Who's Who


Federated Staff 2020/21

  • Mr Waine - Executive Head Teacher

  • Mr Mulligan - Executive Deputy Head Teacher

  • Mrs Hodgson - Assistant Head Teacher (Inclusion & SEN)

  • Mrs Whittle - Business Manager

  • Mrs Jeffery, Mrs Jones, Mrs Hill, Mrs Forrest and Mrs Stradwick - Administrative Staff

  • Mrs Stephens - Home School Liaison Officer

  • Miss Goldring - Thrive Practitioner
  • Mrs Styles and Mrs Leader - Nurture Group
  • Mr Capel - Pupil Support and Guidance Manager

  • Mr Pates - Sports Activity Coordinator
  • Mr Thornbury - LSA and ELSA Support
  • Mrs Sanders - Reading Support
  • Mrs Morling - Senior Lunch Time Supervisor

  • Mrs Bartholomew, Mrs Bell, Mrs Carter, Miss Drain, Mrs P Jones, Mrs Knapp, Mrs Lind, Mrs Rees, Miss Macdonald, Miss Ketchen, Mrs Scriven, Mrs Williams, Mrs King and Miss Brailsford - Breakfast Club and Lunch Time Supervisors

  • Mr Drain and Mr Hodgson - Site Management Team

  • Mrs Bester, Mrs Dagastino, Cleaning Staff

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