Sports Premium

The Federation of Trosnant Schools currently uses the government sports funding for a number of projects that support fun and enjoyment in sport and aim to improve staff knowledge and skills and boost activity and participation rates. This past year was effected by the Covid Pandemic and meant that some of our plans were disrupted.

Federation project

We have employed a Sports Activity Coordinator (SAC) who continues to have a significant impact on activity and sport in both schools. He has developed our break time provision by creating a rich, well-resourced environment helping to reduce incidents at break and lunch times. With a team of trained sports leaders, he encourages positive play at break and lunchtimes. The year 6 pupils run and coordinate games, dancing and competitions in both the Junior and Infant schools. The plan is for this to continue next year and develop further when playtime Covid restrictions are lifted, allow mixing across year groups.

By employing a dedicated SAC we have been able to access a much wider range of the Hampshire School Games activities. During the Covid restrictions, we have participated in the school-based competitions – something we would not have been able to do without our Sports Activity Coordinator. Alongside the extra curriculum program, he has undertaken fitness challenges with children – England does the Daily Mile, Skipping Challenges, English schools FA football week and Hampshire School Games week.

As a Mode Shift Stars Silver school the SAC has coordinated Walk to School Week\Month, The Big Pedal, Scooter challenges and supported our Junior Road Safety Officers. The school also uses this fund to support the Bikeability cycling proficiency training.

Infant School

In the Infant School, sports coaches provide extra-curricular clubs across the year. With the Covid restrictions, it meant our usual plans were interrupted but clubs are now running again with an engaging program planned for the coming terms. With clubs we aim to include all children who want to take part, however, we specifically encourage pupils in receipt of Pupil Premium to participate. If the club is oversubscribed, we look at past registers to ensure all children get the opportunity to take part in a club across the year. 

At lunchtimes, we have employed two sports coaches to work with targeted children to ensure they have access to safe outdoor playtimes. These pupils are supported to play safely with fun at the heart of a variety of active games.

Careful timetabling of our Forest Schools Lead Teacher’s time has enabled all infant school children to have an active outdoor learning experience across the year. For Early Years and Year 1 this was three half-termly blocks across the year. For year 2 it was for a half term block of learning. Although disrupted by the Covid restrictions this past year all children have had a sustained block of time at Forest Schools. Sports funding has helped support staffing of the forest schools area.

Junior School

Sports coaches provide extra-curricular clubs across the year. The plan for the last academic year was for our sports coaches to run 6-week blocks of coaching on football, basketball, gymnastics, dance, dodge ball and summer sports. Although this was disrupted by Covid we plan to follow a similar program of extra-curricular clubs next year. The summer term 2021 saw additional sports club opportunities to make up for lost clubs earlier in the year.

The funding has helped us increase the range of opportunities the school can offer. When possible these clubs link to inter-school events and competitions. For example, a block of specialist football coaching at an after school club will lead to us being entered into an inter schools football league. When the opportunities arise we also link curriculum lessons to the inter school events. 

With all clubs, we aim to include all children who want to take part. If the club is oversubscribed, we look at past registers to ensure all children will get the opportunity to take part in a club across the year. We actively promote the clubs to include the most vulnerable students. This addresses issues identified in our Pupil Survey where very few of our children take part in clubs outside of school.

As part of a review of our lunchtime procedures we noticed that activity rates amongst pupils was lower than we would have liked and that this was affecting the behaviour of a few children. Using sports funding we have brought in a sports coach to provide lunchtime sporting activities.

The plan for next year is that year 6 pupils will have additional specialist coaching across two terms to further develop their skills and to stretch all pupils to achieve their best.

Following the loss of the school’s outdoor swimming pool, the school community raised concerns that many of our children would be missing on learning this essential life skill. The governors therefore have agreed again to fund swimming across the whole of the Junior school with all year groups visiting the local leisure centre across the year for lessons. This is in addition to the statutory curriculum. With Covid restrictions lifted we sourced additional swimming lessons for the classes that missed out during the lockdown periods.

Children in the school’s resource provision are brought to school in shared taxis and are therefore unable to attend after school clubs and events. This year we have used the school’s Sports Coaches to provide an additional sports lesson for the resource provision children.

The Federation have been rewarded for their work in PE, extra-curricular activities, competitions with a Bronze Mark from the School’s Games Mark organisation. The additional sports funding money has been essential in helping us to receive this award. We are looking forward to building on this next year as we feel we met silver mark criteria last year but Covid meant the assessment process was put on hold. However, last year the school received a certificate of excellence for their commitment to school sports from Hampshire School Games Association.

During the lockdown period, our Forest School teacher worked through the summer holiday providing weekly forest schools sessions for the most vulnerable children in school. This enabled us to see these children during a challenging time but also made sure they were being active and outdoors.

Infant School Funding – 2020/21 Financial Year £17,165
  • Sports coach run after school clubs
  • Sports coach run lunchtime club
  • Infant equipment
  • Contribution towards Federation Sports Activity Coordinator costs
  • Contribution to Forest School staffing
Total Expenditure £17,571
Junior School Funding – 2020/21 Financial Year £18,552
  • Sports coach run after school clubs
  • Sports coach run lunchtime club
  • Additional sports coaching in year 6
  • Resourced Provision sports coaching
  • Junior equipment
  • Contribution towards Federation Sports Activity Coordinator costs
  • Forest School – summer holiday
Total Expenditure £18,601