Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Vision (SMSC) and RE

At Trosnant SMSC development is promoted through our core values and curriculum drivers helping us to nurture those in our school community. Through this, and their understanding of the British Values of democracy & participation, right & wrong, liberty & respect and tolerance of faiths & beliefs, our children engage in positive and memorable experiences. This prepares them to successfully participate in a society which values others.

Last year our children visited a space specially created for them, it could be used for prayer or quiet reflection. We now have a permanent quiet reflection space in our building.

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Our Federation uses Living Difference III, the agreed syllabus for Hampshire schools, to ensure we deliver a Religious Education curriculum that meets statutory requirements and the needs of our children. The learning is woven into our Learning Quests to make sure it is relevant and accessible to learners and is supported by school values and wider SMSC provision. We have a series of RE Focus Days to ensure we deliver the full curriculum and deepen understanding. (RE Days for 2021 are 22nd October, 3rd December, 18th February, 8th April, 27th May and 1st July). RE is provided for all pupils, and is inclusive and open minded.

Parents do have the right to withdraw pupils from RE and should you wish to do this, please put your request in writing to the headteacher who will arrange to meet with you. The federation does not support selective withdrawal from RE.

Living Difference syllabus