Values and Ethos

At Trosnant we strive to GROW (Goals, Resilience, Opportunities, Working Together).


Our Goals enable all pupils to have the best possible opportunity of achieving 'Age Related Expectations (ARE). With Resilience we engage the whole community in the federartion's growth mind set approach to life long learning. Working Together ensures clarity of purpose, expectation and destination for all stakeholders, to achieve a high level of consistency in outcomes throughout the federation. Providing Opportunities establishes best practice in the key areas of teaching and learning (FACE - feedback, autonomy, challenge and engagement) by developing a consistent, well targeted and effective approach to professional development. Please click here for a link to our Federation Improvement Plan.

Our personalised and creative curriculum encourages learners to: explore possibilities, experience the arts, embrace our community and establish a growth mind-set.


Based on our new Values, we have introduced a new set of reward stickers that the children designed themselves.

Grow Value stickers