Reading at Trosnant

At Trosnant, we are passionate about offering each child the opportunity to develop into fluent, confident readers. We do this through a number of opportunities woven into our curriculum. Each child changes their book throughout the week as and when they need to.

Reception and KS1 children take home ‘Book Bag Books’, linked to our Read, Write Inc Phonics Programme which is carried out on a daily basis.

Year 3, as part of transition into KS2, select an appropriate book band colour coded book.

Years 4, 5 and 6 children select an appropriate level book from the library or Scholastic Pro scheme, which is followed in Years 4 and 5.

All year groups can take a range of fiction and non-fiction books home to read.

A Trosnant reader has:

  • Excellent phonic knowledge and skills.
  • Fluency and accuracy in reading across a wide range of contexts throughout the curriculum.
  • Knowledge of an extensive and rich vocabulary.
  • An excellent comprehension of texts.
  • Read a variety of texts inside and outside of school.
  • Secure understanding of comprehensive skills that they can apply effectively to reading.

Our Libraries!

We have a KS1 and KS2 library jam packed full of a variety of books available for the children to take home. Each class is allocated a library slot throughout the week, this gives all children an opportunity to explore our resources and take books out as they wish.

Must Reads!

Each class has a selection of non-fiction and fiction ‘Must Read’ books; the expectation is that each child will take at least 6 home over the course of the academic year to read. This gives all children an opportunity to read a wide range of books during their time in each year group!


Here is an example of Year 3’s Must Reads:

 must reads

Reading Buddies!

On the last Friday of every month, classes are paired up to read with each other. This is a great opportunity for KS1 and KS2 children to mix and learn from their peers! The children absolutely love it!

Reading Buddy 4 Reading Buddy 3 Reading Buddy 2


DEAR (drop everything and read) time is allocated within the week, to promote reading for pleasure and to give time for adults to hear individuals read.


Guided Reading and Book Talk

Our Guided Reading or Book Talk focus is often linked to other areas of the curriculum, to add variety. This may be taught as a whole class, or carried out in small groups; this takes place with the support of a teacher or an LSA. To keep record of your child’s progress adult’s record against each assessment domain, noting any questions they have asked the children and notable replies. This can also be recorded in reading journals with a reading skill focus; which link to our Reading Aliens.


Reading Events!

We are keen and enthusiastic to get as many parents involved and immersed in a love for reading alongside their children, we have held various events to promote this so far this year.

After School Reading Café – an opportunity to read with your children a range of books from our libraries, we have even had special guests reading our stories! There are also yummy snacks and drinks up for grabs!

Cafe Photo 5 Cafe Photo 2 Cafe Photo 4

Parent Workshops – a short presentation is delivered by the English Team on ways you can support your children at home with their reading and comprehension skills, followed by an opportunity to share books as a family.

World Book Day – we love an excuse to celebrate a love for books. On World Book Day we dedicate a whole day to lots of fun activities relating to books and a variety of stories. All children and staff can dress up as a book character of their choice… some staff members take dressing up very seriously!

World Book Day 5 World Book Day 4 1 World Book Day 3 World Book Day 1

Extra resources…

School Library Service – The SLS deliver a range of books each term to fill the libraries with. They also offer relevant topic books to use in class alongside our Quest Learning Journeys.

Local library – Don’t be shy… visit the local libraries. There is one in Leigh Park and Havant – the best part is it’s free!

Teacher videos – Have a listen to some of our teachers favourite stories read aloud for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home!