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The most recent inspection of our infant school (March 2022) celebrated the following achievements:

  • Staff are determined to raise pupils’ aspirations and for them to achieve success. They motivate pupils to work hard.
  • Relationships between staff and pupils are warm
  • Pupils trust staff to help them resolve problems. They are confident that staff will listen to them when they have a worry. This helps pupils to feel safe.
  • Pupils relish opportunities to broaden their horizons and to develop skills for life.
  • Leaders have been sharply focused on improving pupils’ reading and mathematical skills through the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The teaching of reading is effective. Leaders deliberately provide continuous, high-quality training for all staff. They carefully check the progress that pupils make. Struggling readers are given effective extra support.
  • Leaders have prioritised funding for books, so that pupils read texts that are accurately matched to the sounds they have learned. Staff encourage a love of books by reading aloud a wide range of texts.
  • Leaders have developed the mathematics curriculum so that pupils learn age-appropriate knowledge and strategies. Leaders prioritise developing pupils’ fluency in number. They provide extra sessions for struggling pupils. This quickly improves pupils’ vocabulary and confidence.
  • The special education needs coordinator supports staff to ensure that pupils with additional needs are quickly identified. Pupils with SEND are well supported in mathematics and reading so they learn well.
  • Staff encourage pupils to develop positive attitudes. They know that it is important to be resilient when they find learning a challenge.
  • Pupils are proud when their name is added to the ‘respect wall’ for being kind or speaking politely.
  • Children in Reception get off to a strong start and learn to follow the routines confidently.
  • Governors routinely visit the school and meet with staff. This helps to inform their accurate view of the strengths of the school.
  • The arrangements for safeguarding are effective. Staff know their pupils and families and the potential risks in the local community well. This helps them to notice when pupils may be at risk of harm.

Next steps for the school:

In discussion with the headteacher, the inspector agreed that evaluating how well pupils, including those with SEND, are learning knowledge and skills in the wider curriculum may usefully serve as a focus for the next inspection.

Whilst the most recent inspection of our junior school (March 2017) recognised our:

  • Clear determined and effective leadership. The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection.
  • Staff have a deep understanding of pupils’ emotional, behavioural and learning needs. They have very high expectations of pupils’ behaviour and learning and treat pupils with respect. Pupils thrive in their care, making remarkable progress in developing the personal skills and self-esteem required to learn successfully.
  • Friendly, inclusive atmosphere ensures that pupils feel valued and welcomed. Pupils want to do well and work hard. They speak about their school and their accomplishments with pride.
  • Quality of teaching has improved, pupils’ progress has accelerated and staff morale is high.
  • Relationships between staff and pupils mean that pupils feel safe in school and appreciate the welcoming environment. They are supported to behave sensibly and to follow the school’s rules.
  • Teaching assistants provide high-quality support for disadvantaged pupils, including those pupils who have special educational needs and/or disabilities. They respond sensitively when pupils find learning more difficult, combining high expectations with understanding.
  • Pupils learn a broad, balanced and interesting range of subjects. The school’s success in developing pupils’ personal skills is a particular strength.

Next steps for the school:

Leaders and those responsible for governance should ensure that improvements in teaching are fully established in all classes, and teaching deepens and extends learning for the most able pupils more effectively.

In order to see the Ofsted reports in full please follow these links for the Infant’s and Junior’s. You can also see the results of our parent views in response to the inspections for both the Infant’s and Junior’s.