House Teams

At Trosnant we have 4 house teams – one for each of the GROW values. Each team is named after a famous person who reflects and is an ‘ambassador’ for our values.

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At the beginning of the academic year of 2016 we introduced our new school values of Goals, Resilience, Opportunities and Working Together (GROW) and to decide on an ambassador for each team, the Changemakers (our school council) made presentations to the whole federation about potential ambassadors for each value to represent the houses.

Goals – Alistair Brownlee (Triathlete) vs Ben Ainsley (Olympic sailor)

Resilience – Sarah Storey (Paralympian) vs Jacquline Wilson (Author)

Opportunities – Tim Peake (Astronaut) vs Lewis Hamilton (Formula 1 Racing Car Driver)

Working Together – Emma Watson (Actress and UNICEF Ambassador) vs Laura Trott (Olympic Cyclist)

The members of each house then voted (demonstrating the British Value of democracy) to decide on who would represent the house team. The winning ambassadors and new house names are Brownlee, Storey, Peake and Watson.