Forest Schools

Forest Schools - Trosnant Winter Check List 

As the season changes to winter can you please remember to dress your children appropriately to the season. Here is a check list to help you with this.  

Base Layer: Vest and long-sleeved top

Mid Layer: Fleece or jumper

Outer Layer: WATERPROOF raincoat and trousers, warm hat and scarf. 

Extra Layers: 1-2 pairs socks, tops and jumper

Foot Wear: - Please make sure all children wear wellington boots only

Please make sure your children have spare shoes if they come into school in their wellington boots as these can get muddy and are not ideal in the classroom. 

To find out more about how the children learn in Forest school and also learn about the environment and how you can help reduce your impact at school and at home please visit

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At Trosnant Schools, our Forest School is run by a qualified level three practitioner. The Forest School ethos is one that offers children a chance to; achieve, develop confidence, manage their own risks, connect with nature and build self-esteem. These experiences take place in a woodland or natural environment with trees through a real life - hands on approach. We believe that everybody should have the chance to learn through self-directed play and exploration, thus building strong relationships. Through regular access to the woodland or natural environment the children will be given the opportunity to develop new skills which can range from both practical and analytical.
During the Summer Holiday we ran our Forest School sessions for groups of identified children, including those with Education, Health and Care Plans.
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During Forest School children may build a shelter, take part in a camp fire or use woodworking skills to create and build objects from the woodland around them, enjoy the freedom of the swing from the tree top swing, watch the birds using binoculars and make a mess in one of the mud kitchens. The children also have the chance to lead and take part in looking after the schools fruit and vegetables, here they learn about the importance of healthy eating and about the seasonal fruit and vegetables we can grow.
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We were very excited at Forest School today to see we have frogspawn! Last year a kind parent brought some in for us to place in the pond. However, this year the frogs have naturally laid the frogspawn. We can’t wait to have tadpoles in the pond again. 
On the days your child(ren) have forest school it is important they have the right clothing so that they feel comfortable outside and are able to enjoy their time during the Forest School sessions. The school does have spare wellington boots so please let the class teacher know if they are needed.
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